Do Not Be Silent


This school year has come with a swift message, all hands need to be on deck!  As I begin to check on the educators in my life, the central message is that they are overwhelmed.  As a seasoned educator,  I can confirm that this term is often used, but not in this way.  During the pandemic, the word overwhelming has been used in almost every discussion.  It’s okay to be overwhelmed.  The hope is that circumstances will change before you decide to make a “change”.  However overwhelmed you are, please don’t remain silent!  Talk to your teams.  Express your need for help or time.  This is essential to protecting your energy and preserving your peace.  Allow the words, “I need help” to reach other’s ears as well.  We are all in this together.  Experience the emotion and reach out for help.  Do not sit silently during this time.  We are here to help.  Transparency is key to understanding that this year will only be as successful as time and energy will allow.  We’ve got this, we just need to work as a team to get through this. 

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