When Did You Fall In Love With Teaching?

This week is a very special one.  Not only does it house Valentine’s Day, but it also creates dialogue among educators on what makes them enjoy their jobs.  It’s the beginning of the #Loveteachingcampaign.  I wanted to kick off the week with a blog about what makes teaching special to me.  I really enjoy working with students on a day to day basis because it allows me to see what life looks like through their eyes.
I love teaching because it’s the only profession that makes all of the other professions in the world possible.  I didn’t realize how powerful a teacher could be until I had an influential teacher and then all bets were off.  It really created an opportunity for me to understand why you have to give so much of yourself to the career in order to receive any rewards.  Teaching is not thankless, but it can be tiresome.  You spend hours and in some cases days designing experiences for students and once that moment passes, it’s time to design another experience.  That creates fatigue, but it also encourages possibilities of what comes the next day.

I love teaching because each student that you impact remembers the moment that their life was changed.  They will remember when they learned how to read, add or write in cursive and that memory will be attached to an incredible teacher.  That’s why I love teaching.  Consider all of the moments that you spend working within the walls of your classroom and ask yourself what teaching means to you.  Take this week as an opportunity to reflect on why you love teaching.  You can start by asking yourself one very important question:  When did you fall in love with teaching?