Not Yet!

Believe in the power of yet. ~ Unknown

This school year has taught us many things.  We have become more aware of our skills and abilities as educators and are now more comfortable than ever suggesting that “being flexible” is one of our strong suits.  The final semester of the 19-20 school year has taught me that flexibility is certainly the newest buzz word in education. 
Also, the idea of yet resurfaces as I think of flexibility.  After the first few weeks turned into a month, a few teachers asked about what that would mean for testing.  We were told, “we don’t know yet.” 
Once we started to engage in a more structured distance learning schedule, the kids asked if we were going back to school.  We could only answer them with, “we don’t know yet.”
As the governor of Georgia announced school closings in late April, the yet became certain. 
Now, 10 weeks later, I am in a better position to understand the power of yet. 
The idea of “yet” suggests that there is not a definite answer and it still leaves the door open for a glimmer of hope.  There are so many unanswered questions about the upcoming school year, and each of them ends in the sentiment, yet. 
As we walk into summer, we have to understand that we don’t have all of the answers.  Many times, the folks we ask won’t have those answers either.  However, answering the questions with “yet” merely suggests that there is a possibility of something favorable.  I encourage you not to dismiss this idea as we remain in the realm of positivity.  Believe in the “power of yet.”  Stay healthy, stay positive, and if you can, stay home.