Teaching Without Boundaries…

We are headed into the fourth quarter of the year.  Once we return from Spring Break, it’s “game time”.  The students, prepared or not, will take the state and district assessments and begin the journey of discovery with their teachers.  This journey begins as the last test booklet or laptop is returned. 

As a public school teacher, I’ve come to realize that the most fun and educational part of the classroom journey is the last quarter of the year.  The students and teachers are relaxed.  Most pacing guides have run out, the curriculum is in review and the time to experiment and expose students is much greater.  This is the time of the year that you have the opportunity to teach students, I mean really teach students. 

Teaching occurs all during the instructional year, but during this time, innovation without boundaries occurs.  The students have the benefit of the curriculum under their belt and the teachers have satisfied the content expected for the grade level.  In layman’s terms, this portion of the year is termed “getting ready for _____ grade.”  I realized as a veteran teacher that this is when I recognize the Aha moments and the students begin to experience the levels of confidence that they need. 

I encourage you to take a day during this quarter and teach without boundaries.  You will be surprised how incredible the day will feel for both you and your students.