March Madness ...

“Let him sleep, for when he wakes, he will move mountains”  ~ unknown

March is typically one of the longest teaching months.  However, in light of recent events, many educators across the world have been forced to take a step back.  Although not ideal, this respite has put many things into perspective. 
I had the opportunity to read up on rest and what is most effective.  I’ve learned that there are several types of rest.  Among them are:
~ Taking time away
~Allowing yourself permission not to be helpful
~Doing something unproductive
~Connecting to art and nature
~Recharging in solitude
~Breaking away from responsibility
~Decompressing in stillness
~Creating a safe space
~Preserving alone time at home

During this time away from the building, develop a new way to look at rest and the art of relaxation. You deserve the quiet moments.  When you return, you can and will move that “mountain” but for now, take it bit by bit, stone by stone. 


Love, Teach, Repeat…

“A child cannot be taught by anyone who despises him, and a child cannot afford to be fooled.”  ~ James Baldwin

March is the longest month of the school year because we don’t traditionally have a break.  The struggle to persevere is seen in both the students and teachers.  While this may be true, our focus cannot shift.  Our job is to prepare our students for the next grade.  Based on my previous years of experience, this journey requires a lot of discipline.  However, it can be simplified if we remember the formula for building a strong student.  We must love our kids, teach them well and repeat the process!

James Baldwin argues, “a child cannot afford to be fooled”.  He is more than accurate.  Our students are perceptive enough to sense everything:  fears, frustrations, anger, and love.  We cannot fool them, and they cannot afford to be fooled.  They need to trust their teacher and they must know that their teacher loves them and wants them to grow. 

During this month of no breaks, we must love harder than we ever have so our students can trust the process and show the growth that we require.  If all else fails, remember: LOVE, TEACH, AND REPEAT!