Work Your Effort…

“The Only thing in your control is effort”

As we walk into the third season of the year, many of our students are settling into their routines.  While the teachers work to normalize student behaviors and classroom expectations in the halls and across the building, it is necessary to do a “self-wellness check” as well.
When we begin the school year, our excitement and anticipation dominate mundane tasks like lesson planning, grading homework and tests as well as working with colleagues.  As the summer months morph into fall months, staff excitement wanes as much, if not more than the students.
It is always imperative to remember that “effort” is the only aspect of our job that’s under our control.  Educators have the difficult task of balancing many object, several of which are not foreseeable.  However, most times these tasks are handled with grace and persistence.  We must not allow the task nor the necessity for completion, to damage our “wellbeing”. 
Remember, the “only thing in your control is effort”.  While many may argue that this quote is directly associated with teacher performance, I will argue it’s directed at teacher enhancement and wellness.  Take a moment and breathe.  The school year is underway and you’ve survived the beginning, but it’s the middle that counts.  Keep pushing and work your effort!

180 Chances...

      Many of the risks associated with teaching outweigh the results.  However, the process is unlike any other project.  Each year educators venture out on uncharted terrain, hoping to reach the masses, but settling for reaching the students within their voice or within their grasp.  As we work towards the goals established by administration, both in and outside of the building, there are a few things that we can be certain of. 
      One of those certainties lies in our opportunities to change the tide.  We have roughly 180 chances to make an impact and it is so important to capitalize on each one.  Every day isn’t a stellar day.  That loss may be by way of a coworker, parent or sadly a student, but we have an opportunity the next day to recover. 
      Our task this season is a great one, but it lends way to so much potential.  In each instance, we must realize that we have 180 days to make an impact and if we wake up each day vowing that it will be better than the one before it, we will win. 
      Take advantage of your 180 chances and watch your kids grow this year!