Finding Inspiration…

Find your flame and keep it lit! ~ Michelle Obama

As we venture into the second semester, many of us are fatigued because of the months of heavy lifting we’ve done to get our little ones to this point.  The heavy lifting is not yet over, but we will begin to reap the benefits of all of our hard work in due time! This is the most exciting and essential part of our journey as educators.

When I read the quote, I immediately thought about our jobs as educators and the various ways that we inspire our students.  We encourage them to read books that interest them, join clubs that seem exciting or even explore professional aspirations that inspire them.  That is their flame.  We continuously light their flames, but what inspires you as educators?

As you walk into the final month of the year and the last few weeks of the semester, I encourage you to “find your flame” as well!  Whatever you have to do, work really hard to “keep it lit”.  You deserve it, and so do your students!