I'm Glad You're Here!!


Happy Virtual Teaching!  I know may of us are on a virtual track for a few weeks and there are a few that are starting back face to face.  Wherever you are and however you are receiving your students, I know you are receiving them with love and patience.  As we begin this journey, or continue it, let us remember a few things.  Reminding our students that we are happy to see them is the most inspiring thing we can do.  They struggle and jump over so many hurdles to get to school, just as we do.  Imagine if someone stood at the door and greeted you each morning.  Now imagine if that greeting was warm, genuine, and involved some variation of “I’m glad you are here.”  It is my hope that as we begin greeting our babies, we let them know how happy we are to see them.  That is really all they’ve been waiting for.  Have an amazing year.