If We Feed them Fear, It will Grow…

May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears. Nelson Mandela

When we encourage our students, we encourage them to try.  We do this because we understand that the only thing holding them back is fear.  As we approach the last quarter of the year, we have some established fears as well.  As educators we walk into the beginning of the year full of possibilities about what our students will become and how much they will grow.  As we approach the end, our fears or insecurities establish roots because we realize that the power shifts.  The responsibility is now on the students to show what they have learned and as the facilitators, we must pull back and allow them to demonstrate that knowledge. 

Our choices as educators really take root in our students.  If we elected to give them wings and let them fly, it is now that they will fly.  If we have clipped their wings in an effort to keep them close to home, they will wait for our cues. 

Although each method is flawed, there are opportunities to create a well-rounded student and those opportunities are still present.  There is time to allow your choices as an educator to reflect a sense of hope in protecting the process of learning.  Do not rely on a spirit of fear that the alternative is possible.  Whatever we feed will grow in abundance.  Feed your students hopes and encourage them to experience all aspects of learning.  Allow them to grow!  Its their time

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