Create an Atmosphere of Hope!

When you give people an education, you give them hope.  This is not an adage, but a fact.  You may impart many things on your students, but the most important aspect of your calling as an educator is to instill in your students the love of learning.  This love of learning will eventually blossom into an appreciation for the acquisition of knowledge. When students acquire knowledge or the ability to solve problems, they emerge as a new being, one that has hope.  This hope affords students the opportunity to walk into any situation understanding that the difference between their past and their future is the ability to figure out how to change their circumstances. 
Once hope enters any situation, there is a renewed opportunity to excel.  When we teach our students…really teach our students how to think, we put them in a situation to break cycles and see opportunities with a different perspective.  I am not sure how often teachers realize that the only thing that separates students from opportunities is their ability to confront and conquer their fears.  When we teach without ceasing, we allow our students to understand that their fears can be eliminated. 

As we walk into the fourth quarter of this school year, it is imperative to understand that we are giving our students an immeasurable tool…hope!  When you educate a child you give them more than skills and problem solving abilities, you create an atmosphere of hope in their minds.  Teach to create human beings that possess the ability to change situations.  Teach with the intent to create an atmosphere of hope each day!

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