Do You React or Respond in Situations?

Recently, while listening to a DJ, he asked one of his viewers if they react to situations or respond. Now for some time, I didnt realize that there was a difference. I listened to hear a difference in the two but didnt ever hear a distinction made between a reaction and a response.  Well, I thought about this in reference to my students and life in general.  When I look at the two, is there a difference and if so, which am I more likely to do?  Also, which is best for my students? 
At first thought, both words seem synonymous.  If you place them side by side, theres not much of a difference.  However, at second glance, the two words are very different. 
A response is a well thought out answer or comment to something said or done.  On the other hand, a reaction is an emotional response.  So, in essence they are similar in that both include a response, however one is teamed with emotion while the other is based on reason or logic if you will. 
As I evaluate situations with my students, I wonder if I lead with my emotions and react or if I think about my impact and respond after a lot of thought.  It varies based on what is at stake and what is necessary, but is there ever a time and place for one over the other?  I plan to take some time this year to adjust my reactions and replace them with responses and see if the outcome is different, better or the same?

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