About Me

Welcome to Teach Them HOPE.  Im so excited to begin this journey of blogging with you!  Teach Them HOPE is a long time in the making.  Its the combination of over 14 years of work in the field of education, coupled with a lot of experiences and encounters with great people and amazing children.  Education is a challenging field, and expressing ideas about how it can be an easier experience is something that I am excited about! Thanks for joining me.

Imagine standing face to face with a class full of eager students for the very first time.  Now, substitute kindergarten or first grade students with former inmates or youth offenders.  This was my introduction to teaching.  Although many would consider it unorthodox, I would argue that its where my sense of responsibility as an educator was strengthened.  As a novice educator, I began my journey working with students from Rikers Island High School.  This feat, of educating those that the community once considered undesirable, was one that I tackled with great responsibility, something I consider one of my greatest endeavors.  In addition, I began to understand that one is never too old, too naïve or too bad to learn.  It was in those moments that I discovered my passion for education and my potential as an educator.


  1. Hi Valerie - I am looking forward to reading your blog! I'm sure it will be a success given your expertise in the field of education and your creative spirit!

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