Hope is a discipline…


The future of our children rests in the hands and hearts of the folks teaching them day in and day out.  During this time of uncertainty, we are responsible for educating children by meeting them where they are.  Though the location varies, consistency lies in the educational journey of our students.  We establish that consistency through practice. Hope is the only aspect of this journey that the students can attach themselves to.  Teaching students about hope affords them the opportunity to understand that their dreams are attainable and rooted in discipline.  They learn discipline by experiencing it.  This is a necessary part of their journey and must be practiced.  My blogs are shorter during the pandemic in an effort to get right to the point.  My point is plain and simple:  Hope is a discipline and when we teach our students about hope, we are teaching them how to make dreams come true.  As we begin our journey this year, don’t forget to include hope; it’s essential. 



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