Inhale, Exhale

 Many educators have started the school year, and many more will begin in the coming days.  As we navigate the virtual halls of our new normal, we have so many things to consider.  In the 22 weeks since we have seen our students, they have gone through so much.  This includes the pandemic, the social unrest throughout the country, the political warfare and lastly, isolation.  There are so many ways to approach the various topics discussed above, but we must be what we want to see in our students.  What we exhale is what they will inhale.  As we begin to discuss how to move forward as a community, work diligently to include your students in that conversation.  Processes and procedures are important, but it is equally important to address our student's questions, calm their fears and pour positivity back into their spirits.  We are not saying “hello” to our students as we have in years past.  Their eyes will have so many more stories to tell and it’s important to read your “virtual” room and understand that compassion is going to get us farther than our lesson plans ever will.  Be observant, be patient, but most of all be kind.  Our kids will need very bit of our positivity! 

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