“You have two choices, either evolve or repeat”~ Unknown

The quote above simplifies much of what we do on a daily basis as educators.  When presented with issues that we’ve experienced in the past, we can either choose the easy route and “repeat” or customize a different journey that requires us to “evolve”.

During November and December, we have an opportunity to evaluate our missed opportunities to “evolve” as educators.  Many times our choice has been to “repeat” the previous lesson, task, mistake, or pattern.  However, as we move into a new season with our students, we are also responsible for moving into a new mindset as adults.  

Consider the aspects of our lives that are constantly on “repeat”.  Are there areas in our classroom or embedded in our routines that will allow for an evolution?  If and when those occasions for evolution present themselves, I challenge you to choose the opportunity to “evolve”!

There is too much at stake when we remain stagnant.  Evolution requires flexibility and flexibility requires a willingness to stay open to the process.  As you walk into your classroom over the next few weeks prior to winter break, look for the limitless opportunities to “evolve” as educators.

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