Save Yourself…

“When I is replaced by We, Illness becomes Wellness” ~ Malcolm X

There is so much to be learned from this very brief quote.  Many times, during this season, we become stressed by the minutia that fills the day.  We also forget that we do not teach on an island.  We need the help of colleagues to make it through the year.  Malcolm X argues that illness is a byproduct of trying to accomplish a goal alone.  When you decide it’s okay to rely on or ask for help, many of the issue that plague you become void.  It is helpful to remember that working alone creates stressful conditions, but collaboration creates a sense of peace.  It is essential to find a colleague or “teacher friend” that you can depend on.  Wellness is not one option, it’s the only option.  Ask for help if or when you begin to struggle.  There will always be someone there to smile, lend a hand or offer sound advice.  Education is a team sport.  Teach on…. 🍎

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