Reflect on your first year…

Be the reason someone smiles today! ~ unknown

We are beginning yet another school year and while most of my blogs focus on the treatment of our students, I want to spend a few minutes discussing the treatment of our coworkers.  Many times, as educators, we have a tenancy to get so caught up in the “return to work drama” that we forget to openly welcome the new teachers.  When I think back on the times that I sat in professional developments and didn’t try to explain in detail a concept to a coworker or reiterate an idea because it would “take too long”, I cringe.    
I remember the first year of teaching and I can name on one hand the number of teachers that really extended themselves.  Those opportunities for mercy were welcomed and, in many cases, received with a level of gratitude and loyalty that I still feel inside when thinking of them. 
The reasons that new teachers smile inside the classroom are very few.  A student may touch their heart, give them a small trinket or recall information.  However, ask yourself if they are also smiling outside of their classroom.  If that answer is no or very little, your only responsibility for the 2019-2020 school year is to “be the reason someone smiles” every day.   When you see new educators in the hall, and you see a lack of optimism but sense defeat, step in and offer a thoughtful word or strategy.  Education is hard but teaching alone is harder. Enjoy your year, but also try to help make some “struggling” educator’s year a little easier by helping them smile! 

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