Rough Waters Ahead…

Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors- African Proverb

As we begin the journey of welcoming another group of students into our hearts, we must be reminded that our task is not an easy one, but rewarding nonetheless.  Many people will say that you should not begin the year thinking about the end, but I disagree.  You must begin the year with an end goal in mind.  You cannot expect to walk into the year without a plan of action and that plan of action has both an execution and end date.  This African Proverb suggests that, “smooth seas do not make skillful sailors.” It echoes my thoughts about the school year perfectly.  Nothing is easy about education or being an educator.  Many times our expectations do not match our efforts.  Reality is a harsh pill to swallow, but it is a manageable one.  Our goal is to strengthen the students that we have.  Throughout this process, one certainty exists:  each school year creates another opportunity for us to enhance our skills as educators.

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