Moving the Finish Line

In any great race, there is a finish line.  The finish line is the end.  At the beginning of any race, goal are established with the end in mind and then backwards design happens so that you are able to reach the goal.  Education is not any different.  Teachers are given a finish line and they plan accordingly.  Well, what happens when the finish line continues to move? 
This is something that happens often, but there is not a viable reason why in many cases.  An example of moving the finish line occurs when you are told to test on January 7th, and the window has now been moved to December 15th.  This is one example, but not the only way that the established end can be moved.  This is at times, frustrating for both teachers and students alike.
Teachers are expected to be more flexible than rubber bands, but just as resilient.  This flexibility comes at a cost to both the teacher and the student.  You cant allow the goal to be compromised because the finish line moves, you have to keep running.  This applies to the classroom as well.  If the window moves, keep teaching with the end goal in mind.  It will work out.  Teach, test, remediate, be patient and repeat. 
AS a veteran teacher, I constantly remind myself of how difficult I found flexibility in the beginning and how it is still a challenge when it comes to the classroom.  Thats what I remember each time I am asked to do something that requires great flexibility.  However, I remind myself that the rubber band doesnt break it expands. When the finish line moves, it wont break the teacher or the student.  Teach and move on.  It will work itself out.  It always does! 

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