Teaching Inspirations

Teaching Inspirations is dedicated to the idea that when you teach, you are not only inspired by your ability to make a difference in someones life, but you are also inspired by their efforts as well.  I honor my students abilities to sustain their own fire and continue their quest for knowledge, even when there isnt any consistent person in their corner.  Teaching Inspirations exists for those students!  Please visit if you feel the need to be inspired by my students stories of triumph.


My first teaching inspiration of the 16-17 school year is a sad one!  It inspires me because I realize that thoughts become words and words become actions with students in the same way that they do with adults.  When I was testing a student for small group, she struggled through each aspect of her reading passage.  She didnt read with confidence and she didnt look up when she finished.  As I was writing down her score she said, I know, its red again right?  This made me so sad!  I know that she didnt purposefully sabotage her reading probe and I also realize that her goal is anticipated growth.  In that moment, we had a very purposeful conversation about what she could do to increase her score and she nodded.  She didnt offer excuses, she nodded.  I know that its hard to teach confidence and its a skill that is developed over time, but I was so inspired by her ability to accept feedback, be transparent about her struggles and be willing to work on growth.  Thats all the inspiration that I needed in that moment. 

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