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Critter Choice board- The Critter Choice board is an opportunity for students to write and create in a creative way.  This is a great tool for language arts free time. 

Word Maps- Various word maps exist online for students when first learning vocabulary words.  This word map was created when I wanted to change the flow for my students.  They are encouraged when students study or practice words for the first time. You can begin with a composition book and a word list and have the students complete a word map for each vocabulary word. After each week, the students can refer back to the word maps for review. Its a great tool for any subject.    

Behavior Chart - Students will receive their behavior calendars each month. These calendars can be placed in the page protector of their communication folder.  Each day of the week, the corresponding face is colored in, showing the students behavior.  Parents are asked to initial the chart and send it back daily.  At the end of each month, these charts will become a part of your students completed work and returned.  This is a great way to see their progress over the month!  If you love the calendars, please visit my "SHOP" page to get the whole set. 

Classroom Tool- The Bathroom Buddy is a tool that I picked up from an educator that I had the opportunity to observe during my first year as a teacher.  The constant asks for bathroom breaks was not something that I encountered much as a kindergarten teacher, but as a first grade teacher, the potty train was in full effect.  I remembered her advice and began using her idea.  The Bathroom Buddy is a stuffed animal of your choice that is placed in the front of the classroom, or in a central location near the hall pass.  When students need to go to the bathroom, they dont need to ask, they simply need to pick up the buddy and place it in their spot and go!  Now, this seems strange, but it cuts down quite a bit on traffic to and from the bathroom.  The celebrity of raising your hand and asking to go is eliminated as well.  When there are drills or you have to leave the classroom, you look and make sure that the buddy is not on a seat that a student should occupy and then you are all set!  Teachers ask if students abuse the privilege:  students realize, after the rules are set that at any time, it can be retired if it is misused so they respect the buddy.  This is a great way to teach responsibility and accountability as well as cut down on frequent bathroom disruptions.   

Graphic Organizers:  Syno Spider is a tool used to help students with synonyms.  This should be done whole group and each student should have an opportunity to add ideas.  The body of the spider is the word that the students use too often!  Each leg is a synonym.  Once the synonyms are generated, the spider should be placed on the wall and the word in the center can be retired.  It helps the students use various words in writing. 

Homework is the most important routine that students can have.  It builds study skills and creates consistency in the school to home link.  I have taken the time to create homework calendars that address skills on, above, and below grade level.  These skills are present in each reading and math calendar.  In addition, students are allowed to choose the skills that they want to work on that night.  The expectation is that they finish the calendar by the end of the month.  Please enjoy the sample calendar.  I hope your students love the practice!

Math fluency is one of the most essential qualities that a student can have.  I have created a homework skills sheet that is appropriate for both kindergarten and first grade.  I place this sheet in my students homework folders in a page protector and they are responsible for reviewing the skills nightly.

I sincerely enjoy creating new ways to introduce my kids to fun phonics activities.  One way is by changing up the morning work activities at the end of the year in both first grade and kindergarten.  Please enjoy this morning work activity and look out for more additions.

Passage comprehension is an important part of reading.  Comprehension is one of the 5 components of reading.  These documents, listed on my TPT site, are designed for struggling learners, those in ESOL and DES, as well as students who might need a boost in phonics.  Please use this sample with your students and let me know how it works with your students. 

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